Rijeka scientific bridges 7

Measure for Measure: The Challenges of Measurement and Moderation in Human Health, Behaviour, and Creation

Symposium topic

Measure and measurement are concepts that characterise almost all areas of human activity. Finding the right measure through one's own actions and thoughts is one of the age-old tasks of human endeavour. The seventh edition of »Rijeka scientific bridges« aimed to raise awareness of how indispensable the concepts of measure and measurement are in various scientific and academic disciplines, but also in everyday decisions.

Presentations at the conference reflected on some of the many issues related to measure and measurement, such as: measure/moderation in ethics and morality; measure of the good life; human being as the measure of all things; cultural conditioning of the »right measure«; history of measurement; measure, measurement and models in science, social sciences and humanities; problem of absolute precision; medicine and the right measure in the physician-patient relationship; measurements in medical research; art and eternal beauty - perfect ratio/measure; physics/astrophysics: (in)possibility to measure space and time.

Symposium program and lecture abstracts

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