Rijeka scientific bridges
About us

The basic idea of »Rijeka scientific bridges« is to bring together experts from different scientific fields who are aware of the methodological limitations of their own approaches and are ready for a transdisciplinary polylogue. The symposium aims to prove that even (seemingly) insurmountable obstacles can be overcome if there is a will to seek the truth. Over seventy (70) speakers have participated in the last five editions. The previous topics of »Rijeka scientific bridges« were: consciousness, finality and infinite, evolution, artificial intelligence, cities of the future and creativity. You can read more about each topic on this web page in the section »Conferences archive«.

The »Rijeka scientific bridges« are co-organised by: University of Rijeka - Faculty of Medicine, Department of social sciences and medical humanities; University of Rijeka - Faculty of Health Studies; University of Zagreb - Catholic Faculty of Theology - Theology in Rijeka, Department of philosophy, and Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń - Faculty of Theology.